“The first standout, among many, in the Kentucky Opera’s opening night production of Verdi’s “Macbeth” came when Lyne Fortin as Lady Macbeth was awaiting her husband’s return home after hearing prophecy from a group of witches that he will be king. In the couple’s bedroom, Lady Macbeth conspired and relished the opportunity for her and her husband to attain power over Scotland. She climbed into the bed on her knees and writhed as she sang in a rich soprano. She caressed a knife and stood before a full-length mirror. Not only was her excitement infectious, so was her voice with its strong and rich haunting power. Fortin’s performance — all the way through her character’s spiral into insanity and her last moment on stage singing a sorrowful and eerie high note — created a powerful center for this production.”

Elizabeth Kramer, The Courier-Journal, Sep. 19, 2015