“So powerful is soprano Lyne Fortin’s bloodthirsty Lady Macbeth, that you feel almost sorry for him. He is the first to unhinge after the murder of King Duncan and from then on it’s a swift downward spiral to tyranny and brutishness. Fortin does a wonderful job of delivering difficult arias that range widely in tone and style. She is downright scary in conjuring the powers of Hell to back up her plans, charming in the drinking song during the banquet scene. One of my favorite moments in that extended scene is her reprise of the toast after she has watched her husband very publicly cracking up. She fairly spits out the lyrics at him through her pasted-on smile. When we finally see madness overtaking her at the end, Fortin captures the pathetic crumble beautifully in the aria, « Una macchia è qui tuttora! – And yet, here’s a spot! » After so many horrible deeds, she still manages to wring sympathy from the audience.”

Selene Frye, Louisville.com, Sep. 19, 2015